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Scribblers' Rest

Oct 22, 2018

Welcome to Scribblers' Rest Bonus Content, where we play Dungeons & Dragons 5E!

The Scribblers find themselves in the magical world of Faerûn in the legendary city of Waterdeep in Episode 4 – Room 203

With Grady and Dwindlejoy taken care of, the party must figure out who hired the duo and why they were after Drunk Johnny. Perhaps they should consult with the Magic Boot? What is so important about Room 203?

Dungeon Master – Larry Heydorn (Author of Age of the Fallen series & Scribblers’ Rest co-host regular)

Skald, Human Cleric of Kelemvor/Sorcerer – Brian
Keladin, High-Elf Abjurer – Chris
Ridley, Eladrin Ranger – Glen
Stefan, Human Fighter – Jon
Thelvar, Drow Rogue – Max
Malcolm, Human Cleric – Will

We play role-playing games such as: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun.
Roleplaying, RPG, D20, DnD, Tabletop Games. TTRPG

Audio/Video - Larry Heydorn
Music by Michael R. Fletcher (also a kickass author) and the Doppels Band!
Introduction & Closing by BB Wolfe 
Scribblers’ Rest logo by Genki Goth Studios

Thank you to Project Entertainment Network and Armand Rosamilia (another amazing author/podcaster) for hosting our show!

Thank you to Wizards of the Coast! 

Thank you to Coliseum of Comics (Altamonte Springs location) 

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